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Co-operative inquiry: fields of application 

Co-operative inquiry in a developed form has been applied in diverse fields since 1981. The following is a representative but not exhaustive list. For the most recent information about work done at the Centre for Action Research in Professional Deveopment (CARPP), University of Bath, UK, see   

1988 and 1994 refer to full reports. 1996 indicates where references to reports can be found.

For applications within the whole field of participative research, including co-operative inquiry, see Bradbury, H. and Reason, P. (eds) Handbook of Action Research, London, Sage, 2000.

For work done at CARPP in supporting students through the supervision process see the following two papers:

For wide-ranging participative research work in the field of adult learning see the collection of inquiry reports in:

For information about a Collaborative Leadership Project with Suzanne van Stralen in Sonoma, California, USA, using collaborative inquiry and commencing in March 2004, see

1988: Reason, P. (ed), Human Inquiry in Action, London, Sage.

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